The Vampire Diaries Contest Raffle: Hosted by Nate Buzz

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Are you a true fan of “The Vampire Diaries”? Do you think you know everything about the supernatural world of Mystic Falls? Put your knowledge to the test with our ultimate Vampire Diaries quiz! From the love triangle involving Elena, Stefan, and Damon to the sinister plots of the Original vampires, this quiz will challenge even the most dedicated fans. So grab a vervain cocktail and sharpen your fangs because it’s time to dive deep into the mystifying realm of vampires, witches, and werewolves. Get ready to sink your teeth into the ultimate Vampire Diaries quiz adventure!
Simply take the quiz, answer the questions correctly, and stand a chance to win amazing prizes! Don’t miss out on this fang-tastic opportunity. Join the raffle and let the magic of The Vampire Diaries sweep you away.


Question 1: Where do the townspeople often gather?

a) The Mystic
b) MacLaren’s Pub
c) Central Perk 
d) Grill The Bronze


Question 2: Who had a friendship with a Bennett witch?

a) Stefan Salvatore 
b) Neither of them
c) Damon Salvatore
d) Both of them 


Question 3: Who becomes pregnant with Alaric’s twins?

a) Caroline Forbes
b) Bonnie Bennett
c) Elena Gilbert 
d) Jo Laughlin


Question 4: What type of creature does Alaric Saltzman become?

a) Werewolf
b) Original Vampire
c) Ghost
d) Witch 


Question 5: What event unites the whole town, including the high school?

a) Election Day
b) Fireworks Night
c) Christmas Parade 
d) Founder’s Day


Question 6: Which character never romantically interests Elena?

a) Matt Donovan 
b) Damon Salvatore
c) Stefan Salvatore 
d) Bonnie Bennett


Question 7: Who organizes most of the school events?

a) Student Council
b) The PTA
c) The Town Council
d) The Mayor  


Question 8: Who has a deeper connection to Katherine Pierce?

a) Damon Salvatore  
b) Neither
c) Stefan Salvatore
d) Both equally


Question 9: Which character was turned into a vampire by Damon?

a) Elena Gilbert
b) Vicki Donovan
c) Matt Donovan
d) Tyler Lockwood 


Question 10: Where is The Mystic Grill located geographically in Mystic Falls?

a) Next to the church
b) Town square
c) Outside of town
d) By the lake 


Question 11: Which character owned The Mystic Grill for a period of time?

a) Matt Donovan
b) Liz Forbes
c) Alaric Saltzman
d) Damon Salvatore


Question 12: Whose family line includes many generations of sheriffs?

a) Gilbert
b) Lockwood 
c) Fell
d) Forbes


Question 13: Which Salvatore saves Elena from the car crash off Wickery Bridge?

a) Stefan Salvatore
b) They both do
c) She saves herself
d) Damon Salvatore 


Question 14: Who often performs at school events?

a) The football team
b) The drama club 
c) The cheerleaders
d) The marching band


Question 15: Whose bloodline are Mystic Falls vampires descended from?

a) Egyptian Pharaohs
b) Original Vampires
c) Atlanteans
d) Roman Gods


Question 16: Who had a part-time job at The Mystic Grill?

a) Elena Gilbert
b) Jeremy Gilbert
c) Bonnie Bennett
d) Stefan Salvatore 


Question 17: Who made a device to reveal vampires in Mystic Falls?

a) Jonathan Gilbert
b) John Forbes
c) Giuseppe Salvatore  
d) Mason Lockwood


Question 18: What event do the Founding Families host annually?

a) Halloween Bash
b) Independence Day
c) Founders’ Day
d) Winter Ball 


Question 19: Who is Elena’s vampire boyfriend in season 1?

a) Stefan Salvatore
b) Damon Salvatore
c) Jeremy Gilbert 
d) Tyler Lockwood


Question 20: When Elena is under a curse, she forgets her love for?

a) Stefan Salvatore
b) Tyler Lockwood
c) Matt Donovan 
d) Damon Salvatore


Thank you for joining us in this journey through the captivating world of The Vampire Diaries. Whether you’re a devoted fan or a newcomer intrigued by the supernatural, we hope this trivia quiz has ignited your passion for the series. From the timeless love triangle to the intense battles between vampires, witches, and werewolves, The Vampire Diaries has left an indelible mark on television history. So, until next time, keep your stakes sharp, your vervain close, and may the spirits of Mystic Falls always guide you. Farewell, and may you forever remain enchanted by the allure of the supernatural.

  1. a) The Mystic Grill
  2. c) Damon Salvatore
  3. a) Caroline Forbes
  4. b) Original Vampire
  5. d) Founder’s Day
  6. d) Bonnie Bennett
  7. a) Student Council
  8. c) Stefan Salvatore
  9. b) Vicki Donovan
  10. b) Town square
  11. a) Matt Donovan
  12. d) Forbes
  13. a) Stefan Salvatore
  14. c) The cheerleaders
  15. b)Original Vampires
  16. b) Jeremy Gilbert
  17. a) Jonathan Gilbert
  18. c) Founders’ Day
  19. a) Stefan Salvatore
  20. d) Damon Salvatore

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