Quiiiz is a real time trivia tournament platform that allows players to win cash prizes.
The game connects creators, community managers, and their fans in a thrilling festival of engagement and monetization.

The Next-gen Trivia

Step into the next-gen trivia experience!
Quiiiz is the world's first platform where you can earn money by playing knowledge games, providing creators a fun opportunity to connect with their community while making money.
it's a thrilling journey through cash-prize tournaments designed exclusively for you.

Our Goal:
Make Trivia Fun and Rewarding!

At Quiiiz, we're committed to creating an engaging and rewarding trivia experience. Whether you're playing to showcasting your trivia skills or hosting a game as a community manager, our goal is to celebrate and reward knowledge.
Join us for a trivia experience like no other!

Why you can trust us:

Passionate and experienced game veterans, joined together with actor and Hollywood star Nathaniel Buzolic ("NateBuzz") to form a new skill based knowledge platform.
Nate, the Australian actor and creator, best known for his role in The Vampire Diaries says: "Fun way of people to connect and a fun tool for people to come together and have fun".

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knowledge into cash