Ready for Trivia?
Your Quiiiz FAQ Handbook Awaits!

What's the Quiiiz Buzz?

Quiiiz is a lightning-fast trivia game that connects creators, community managers, and their fans in a thrilling festival of engagement and monetization.
It's time to ramp up the fun!

How Does Quiiiz Roll?

In the Quiiiz world, you invite your tribe to participate in custom trivia games or dive into our ready- made trivia games.
We're all about fun, spiking engagement, and offering a unique twist to monetize your followers.

Why Join the Quiiiz Party?

* Deliver exciting, fresh, new content to your followers.
* Turn every trivia game into cash, making enjoyment your earnings.
* Easy Experience - no extra equipment, no complicated integrations, and no app downloads needed.
* Flex your brain muscles with custom, real-time trivia tournaments.

Do you have a contract?

While we prioritize strong partnerships without lengthy contracts, value open communication and collaboration, we are willing to provide necessary agreements for a mutually beneficial partnership.
Lets chat about working together for a remarkable trivia experience.

Cash in on Quiiiz, How?

Simple! Each game has a fee to join. The winners bags the pot, and you earn a guaranteed commission from every game.
We offer a dynamic creator fee structure that allows you to make a profit from every game you host.
It's a win- win for everyone. While your community enjoy the thrill of the game- you earn real money!

How do the tournaments work in quiiiz?

At Quiiiz, we offer a diverse range of games!
While our ready-made trivia games are a blast, we're turning up the excitement by letting you create your own trivia showdown.
Each game has an entry fee and the number of participants is limited up to 100 users.
Tailor your game by selecting the category, setting the entry fee, and deciding the number of participants.
It's not just about gaming; it's a festival of engagement, fun and monetization.

How are you different from other games?

Quiiiz is the world's first platform where you can earn money by playing knowledge games, providing creators a fun opportunity to connect with their community while making money.

Ready to feel the Quiiiz Buzz?

Jump in for a firsthand taste of the action. Schedule a demo session at, and let's get the trivia party started!