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Quiiiz is a lightning-fast trivia game that connects creators, community managers, and their fans in a thrilling festival of engagement and monetization.

It’s time to ramp up the fun!

In the Quiiiz world, you invite your tribe to participate in custom trivia games or dive into our ready-made trivia games.

We’re all about fun, spiking engagement, and offering a unique twist to monetize your followers.

Head to the lobby, pick your game by category & entry fee.

Earning with Quiiiz is easy. Each game has a separate entry fee. The champ bags the pot, And you earn a guaranteed commission from each game!

We share a piece of this slice with you – the tribe leader.

Quiiiz dishes out an exciting new way to stoke your community’s interest.

When your followers lock horns in trivia battles, they aren’t just having a blast but also stirring conversation, bonding, and actively engaging with each other.

Quiiiz stands out from the trivia crowd with our unique take on engagement and monetization.

Our real-time trivia battles for real cash let you connect with your community or followers in cozy competition clusters.

At the same time, you monetize your community and profit from quiiiz content.

Accessible on mobiles and web browsers, Quiiiz is your flexibly fun trivia hub.

Jumping into the Quiiiz action is a breeze! Contact us to set up a demo session.

Let the trivia invitations fly once you’ve got the hang of it!

While our ready-made trivia games are a blast, Quiiiz lets you tailor your trivia battles. Ensure your tribe gets an engaging experience that aligns perfectly with their interests.

Creators, community managers, and their fans from around the globe are welcome to join Quiiiz. Play on mobile or web browsers – it’s your call!

All you need to kickstart your Quiiiz journey is an internet-ready device and a hearty dose of enthusiasm!

Hop onto our website or app, sign up, choose trivia, or cook your own. Ready, set, trivia!

Once you’ve landed on Quiiiz, pick your trivia challenge or craft one for your tribe. Each game has an entry fee you set, and players must pay up to join. 

The Quiiiz team is always on standby to help you out. Got a question? A hiccup? Reach out to us via email or our in-game support feature.

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