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Quiiiz is a real time skill-based knowledge platform which allows players to earn real-money prizes through trivia games on a transparent and secure infrastructure.

No need to download, Quiiiz is web-based!
Head to on any browser. Hit ‘Play Now,’ and you’re all set.

Head to the lobby, pick your game by category & entry fee.
Hit “Play Now,” and we’ll find you a spot. Claim your seat, and you’re in!

The Entry Fee is the amount you pay for a game ticket.
The prize pool is calculated based on the number of players and the Entry Fee.

Choose based on the game’s category (type of questions), entry fee (ticket cost), and number of competitors. More players and higher entry fees up the prize stakes. Pick what suits you best!

In the rare event of a tie, the prize is split equally among all winners.
Everyone shares the glory!

Just hit any BUY button you see.
You’ll see them near your current balance, your account page or inside the Game Info screen.
They’ll take you to the purchase screen where you can decide how much to top up.

Contest Raffle

You can enter the raffle by participating in the game defined for the contest and earning raffle tickets received for finishing in one of the positions eligible for the Ticket prize.

Each ticket won during the game will be collected and displayed in the My Tickets section of the player setting screen, The ticket will be visible ONLY during the time the Contest is visible in the main lobby.

Each contest has a limit of free entries that will be refreshed every X hours (depending on the specific Contest preset parameters).

The Raffle will be held automatically by the system once the Contest timer set in advance is finished.

All tickets that have been won during the contest will participate in the Raffle.

The number of winners will be determined as part of the basic Contest definitions at the beginning of each new Contest.

The prize is a predefined reward which will automatically add to the winners account.

Winners are announced to all participants at the end of each raffle.

Winners will be notified via in-app message and an email, notifying them that the prize has been added to their Game account.

My Games

My Games is your new way to make money. Quiiiz now enables you to host personalized fun trivia games! Create a game and play together.

After creating a game, hit Share, and send out the game link. It’s that easy!

Easy! All they need to do is click the link and they are in your game. 

No. Private games have a set time, usually a week. So, plan your game nights accordingly!

Cha-ching! Your earnings are collected after each private game is completed. Withdraw directly to your balance at any time.

My Account

Just tap your avatar at the top right of any lobby screen.
From the main menu, the first option takes you straight to your Personal Data screen.

Simply click on your current avatar in the Personal Data screen and choose a fresh one from our avatar lineup. Easy peasy!

Not just yet, but we’re working on it. Soon you’ll be able to personalize your account with your own avatar. Stay tuned!

Just pop into the Main Settings, select ‘Withdrawal’, and follow the steps.

Wanna play in silence? Click on the voice icon up top, or toggle it off in Main Settings.
Remember, no sound, less fun!

General Questions

English only right now, but we’ve got more languages in the pipeline. Stay tuned!

Check our T&Cs for the list of non-supported countries.

Just sign up using a social account, email and password.
We are also using your current IP address to validate you are not playing from one of the restricted countries as mentioned in our Terms & Condition page.
Additional data is needed only once you want to purchase or Withdrawal funds.

It’s all about skill. Win games, win cash. Simple!

Got a question? Drop us a line at We’re here for you 24/7.

Gambling typically involves three elements: a prize, a fee, and outcomes based on chance. At Quiiiz, it’s different – your results are determined by skill, not luck. Therefore, skill games on Quiiiz aren’t considered gambling

Not yet. We keep it random for fair play.
Private rooms for friends are coming soon.


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