Test Your JB IQ: The Definitive Justin Bieber Quiz

Welcome to the ultimate Justin Bieber quiz experience! If you’re a Belieber or just a casual fan, this quiz is designed to challenge your knowledge and unveil fascinating facts about the pop icon. Embark on this journey with us as we explore different aspects of Justin Bieber’s life, career, and influence on pop culture.

Justin Bieber, the pop sensation who has been dominating the music scene for years, continues to capture hearts worldwide. Beyond the melodies and chart-topping hits, Let’s embark on a thrilling journey with the Justin Bieber Quiz, a delightful exploration of the artist’s life, career, and the quirks that make him an icon.
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  1. What is Justin Bieber’s full name?
    a) Justin Andrew Bieber
    b) Justin Drew Bieber
    c) Justin Michael Bieber
    d) Justin David Bieber

  2. In which Canadian city was Justin Bieber born?
    a) Toronto
    b) Vancouver
    c) Montreal
    d) Calgary

  3. Which Justin Bieber song features the lyrics “Is it too late now to say sorry”?
    a) Baby
    b) Sorry
    c) Love Yourself
    d) What Do You Mean?

  4. What is the title of Justin Bieber’s debut studio album?
    a) My World
    b) Believe
    c) Purpose
    d) Changes

  5. In which year did Justin Bieber release his first album?
    a) 2008
    b) 2010
    c) 2012
    d) 2014

  6. What is the name of Justin Bieber’s wife?
    a) Selena Gomez
    b) Ariana Grande
    c) Hailey Baldwin
    d) Kendall Jenner

  7. Which record label signed Justin Bieber initially?
    a) Interscope Records
    b) Atlantic Records
    c) Def Jam Recordings
    d) Sony Music

  8. What is Justin Bieber’s official fanbase called?
    a) Directioners
    b) Swifties
    c) Beliebers
    d) Mendes Army

  9. Which 2015 Justin Bieber album marked his comeback?
    a) Purpose
    b) Believe
    c) Changes
    d) My World 2.0

  10. What instrument did Justin Bieber learn to play at a young age?
    a) Piano
    b) Guitar
    c) Drums
    d) Violin

  11. Which 2010 Justin Bieber song became the first to reach one billion views on YouTube?
    a) Sorry
    b) Baby
    c) Love Yourself
    d) What Do You Mean?

  12. How old was Justin Bieber when he was discovered on YouTube by Scooter Braun?
    a) 12
    b) 14
    c) 16
    d) 18

  13. What is the title of Justin Bieber’s first documentary concert film released in 2011?
    a) Never Say Never
    b) Believe
    c) Purpose Tour
    d) My World Tour

  14. In which year did Justin Bieber marry Hailey Baldwin?
    a) 2017
    b) 2018
    c) 2019
    d) 2020

  15. Which charitable organization is Justin Bieber actively involved in?
    a) UNICEF
    b) PETA
    c) Make-A-Wish Foundation
    d) Greenpeace

  16. What is the name of Justin Bieber’s debut fragrance for women?
    a) Someday
    b) Believe
    c) Purpose
    d) Eau de Bieber

  17. Which Justin Bieber album includes the hit single “Love Yourself”?
    a) Believe
    b) Purpose
    c) Changes
    d) My World 2.0

  18. What is the title of Justin Bieber’s collaboration with Ed Sheeran released in 2019?
    a) I Don’t Care
    b) Friends
    c) Yummy
    d) Stuck with U

  19. How many siblings does Justin Bieber have?
    a) 1
    b) 2
    c) 3
    d) 4

And there you have it – a journey through the life and times of Justin Bieber. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just curious, we hope you’ve enjoyed this quiz.

As we wrap up this taste of the trivia questions of Justin Bieber, we hope you’ve gained new insights into the artist’s life, music, and impact on popular culture. How Well Do You Think You Know Justin Bieber? Now, take the ultimate quiz to the next level and play with real users for real money.

  1. b) Justin Drew Bieber
  2. a) Toronto
  3. b) Sorry
  4. a) My World
  5. b) 2010
  6. c) Hailey Baldwin
  7. c) Def Jam Recordings
  8. c) Beliebers
  9. a) Purpose
  10. b) Guitar
  11. b) Baby
  12. c) 16
  13. a) Never Say Never
  14. c) 2019
  15. c) Make-A-Wish Foundation
  16. a) Someday
  17. b) Purpose
  18. a) I Don’t Care
  19. d) 4

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